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Who are Green Paw Project?

Green Paw Project is a registered charity in the UK. Green Paw Project is a charity dedicated to the welfare of animals, environmental conservation, rewilding of lands, planting trees, carbon sequestration, human reconnection to the natural world, and the cleaning of plastic and waste that litter our planet.

Green Paw Project is a strictly non-profit organisation that receives all of its funding from fundraising events and generous sponsors.

During the pandemic Green Paw Project decided to change the 3 year planning of an animal sanctuary in Malawi, Africa and concentrate on multiple projects in the UK. The projects are split into three areas:

  • Green Paw Footprint
  • Green Paw Hive
  • Grand Week in Wales

What if we could strengthen environmental resilience whilst sequestering carbon, enhancing biodiversity and wildlife, increasing food security, and regenerate the landscapes and ecosystems?

Audio Farm LTD and Green Paw Project connection

Audio Farm LTD is a Non Profit, non-corporate, fundraising roots festival in which all profits go towards Green Paw Project. 100% of the shares of Audio Farm LTD are owned by Green Paw Project, therefore the directors and organisers receive no profits.

As Audio Farm LTD are a non-profit fundraising charity event, all ticket money income has no Vat implications, meaning 100% of ticket money goes towards the running of the event with all remaining profits going to Green Paw Project, with no Corporation Tax involved.

Audio Farm LTD, which also trades under the name of Red Squirrel Event Hire, will continue to raise funds for Green Paw Project, with donations already generated from past events and festivals at an incredible £14,756. This money is still in the bank, as no financial drawings have been made by the trustees or the organisation operations. With extra donations from the public and grants, the current bank account sits at £24,659 which will be used to kick start Green Paw Hive and Green Footprint by the end of 2021.

Green Paw Footprint

Our Regenerative Carbon Offset Service (RCO) primary focus is to offset some of the rising carbon levels in the Earths atmosphere, whilst simultaneously enabling you to balance out your impact by:

  • Enhancing Biodiversity – Creating conditions for ecosystems & wildlife to flourish & thrive.
  • Improve Soil Health – Implementing strategies to sequester carbon, enrich & diversify soil life.
  • Manage Water Responsibly – Introducing hydrological systems to slow, sink & clean water.
  • Increase Food Security – Planting long-term, low-maintenance edible ecosystems for communities.
  • Strengthen Environmental Resilience – Installing systems to mitigate effects of extreme weather events.

We work alongside our team of regenerative practitioners, permaculturists, ecologists & environmental scientists to survey, assess, analyze, design and implement, maintain, evaluate and tweak our systems to ensure they effectively fulfill their ecological potential and measure the impact & progress.

Green Paw Hive

Green Paw Project recognises the urgent need for humanity to step up into our rightful role as responsible caretakers of the Earth.

Our mission is to establish a multi-functional demonstration site where we will design & create ethical models for long-term responsible land use.

Green Paw Hive land project aims to help provide for basic human needs whilst improving the health of the environment and protecting and enhancing wildlife habitats. We aim to create communal spaces to learn, connect, create, share & grow.

Our project vision is to protect current green spaces, regenerate and responsibly manage landscapes, provide long-term food security, conserve biodiversity & ecosystems, offset the increasing C02 levels, strengthen climate change resilience, whilst raising awareness and educating our connection with the natural world.

A Grand Week in Wales

An event for the week leading up to St David’s Day which engages, inspires and uplifts our communities. Nanny Biscuit are the leading organisers who will be holding multiple activities throughout the week, from the 22nd February 2023. The series of events engage a diverse audience throughout the communities of Wales. The event has been run very successfully in 2021 and 2022 with Green Paw Project heading the mass litter pick that has picked up close to 2000 bin bags of litter from the natural world.

Website launch date 2022

The new Green Paw Project website will be launched in the winter of 2022. For more information please visit our current temporary.


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